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180° Wellness


A team approach to Integrative Health Care and Total Wellness. Explore the many ways that 180º Wellness can improve your health.


As a passionate chiropractor and bioresonance practitioner, I am dedicated to helping my patients achieve optimal health and wellness through a holistic approach.


With years of experience and advanced training in chiropractic care and bioresonance therapy, I have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of these modalities. Bioresonance, a non-invasive treatment method, aims to harmonize the body's energy and restore balance by detecting and addressing underlying imbalances.


At 180° Wellness, my goal is to provide personalized and effective solutions for individuals seeking relief from a wide range of health issues. I believe in treating the root cause of health problems rather than just alleviating symptoms, empowering my patients to achieve long-term wellness.

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Jo Bershenyi BCST, LMT, CMLDT 
Cranial Sacral and Manual Lymph drainage specialist


IV Therapies




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About 180° Wellness

We provide Coordinated Health Care with a very experienced and talented staff of Doctors and Therapists to finally get you back to good health. 


Recovering from an illness or caring for an injury can be quite complicated. It takes a coordinated effort from specially trained personnel, with a common goal, to help you finally recover and turn your health around.


Integrative Health Care at 180° Wellness blends many common Medical Methods and Therapies that are most beneficial for your needs. Our Team can help!



  • The Salt Studio (Halotherapy)

  • IV Cocktails and Infusion Therapies

  • Ozone Steam Sauna Therapy

  • Thermography

  • Chiropractic Care

  • O2 Altitude Survival Lounge  

  • Nutrition and Supplementation Counselling 

  • Physical Therapy

  • Personal Training 

  • Pilates

  • Therapeutic Massage 

  • Bio Feedback- IMRS Wellness

  • Kinesio Taping and many Sports Medicine Therapies


What is

Ozone Steam Sauna?

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