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Ozone Steam Sauna Therapy

Ozone Steam Sauna Therapy and Benefits

Ozone steam sauna therapy helps with an exhaustive list of medical issues. Whether you're battling chronic fatigue or Crohn's Disease, Lyme Disease or diabetes, a short session in our ozone steam sauna will give you a boost.
Ozone works in the body by helping the cells get oxygen. It's a natural compound that your body makes anyway. And when you're feeling ill or under the weather, your body kicks up production of ozone to help boost your immune system.
Science has found that, when ozone therapy is used as part of a larger, integrated health-care plan, it can be quite beneficial in helping to treat a long list of ailments. You'll feel better after an ozone treatment, and your body will perform better, too.
The next time you suffer a flare-up from a chronic disease such as fibromyalgia, come see us for an ozone steam sauna treatment, and start feeling better fast.

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