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Corrective Exercise

Definition of Corrective Exercise

Corrective exercise is an important addition to every lifestyle, and it can be as simple as taking the stairs in lieu of the elevator. This physical activity is one that helps correct our bodies after we've abused them by sitting for long periods of time, slouching over a computer, lounging on a couch, and leaning instead of standing upright. We abuse our musculoskeletal systems every day, just in the regular course of our daily routines. Corrective exercises, such as bending, stretching, flexing and more, helps put our bodies back in balance.
It feels so good to stretch after a long period of sitting. This is the same principle used in corrective exercise. It makes you feel better, helps your blood to flow more efficiently, and can improve posture and alleviate pain.
If you feel in need of a good, therapeutic stretch in Glenwood Springs, CO, book an appointment for a corrective exercise session today.

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