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Infusion Therapies

Infusion Therapies Defined

Have you heard about infusion therapies? Millions of Americans are low on vitamin D. This is a vitamin your body needs in order to perform the way it's supposed to. Vitamin D is essential for proper hormone levels, for energy, and for mood. If you're low in Vitamin D, you'll feel tired, achy, and may even feel depressed.
The B family of vitamins is another area where many people find themselves deficient. These vitamins help elevate mood and pump up your metabolism. If you're low in B vitamins, it may be more difficult than it should be to lose weight.
Infusion therapies are ways to get needed vitamins into your body faster than ingesting them through foods or pill supplements. This form of therapy requires using an IV or a syringe to inject the needed vitamins or medications directly into your bloodstream so your body feels the effect faster. It can help you recover more quickly from most illnesses.

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