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What Can IV Therapy Help Me With?

IV therapy aims to provide necessary materials for your body that aid it in preventing and recovering more quickly from many diseases and health conditions, such as:

·       Aging

·       Allergies

·       Arthritis

·       Asthma

·       Autoimmune Disease

·       Anxiety

·       Celiac Disease

·       Depression

·       Eczema

·       Fatigue

·       Fibromyalgia

·       Hives

·       Hypertension

·       Infectious Liver Diseases

·       Macular Degeneration

·       Migraines

·       Multiple Sclerosis

·       Neuropathy

·       Parkinson’s Disease

Additional shots and injections:

Vitamin B-12

Increase energy, enhance metabolism and improve cellular and nerve function.

Vitamin D

Optimal levels aid in the formation of strong, healthy bones, improve weight loss efforts, activate the immune system and help relieve symptoms of depression and low mood. Integral for proper hormone function in men and women.

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For When You Don’t
Have Time To Be Sick.

A cold or flu can come on quickly and sometimes calling in sick just isn’t an option. You no longer need to waste your time fighting cold, flu, upper respiratory infections, sinusitis, stomach bugs, migraines or seasonal allergies. Most effective when given at the onset of illness, IV Therapies provide immediate relief and speed up recovery time so you can back to your life.


Harnessing the power of Magnesium and Vitamin B6, this calming infusion reduces inflammation and blood pressure, relaxes muscles and reduces anxiety naturally.


Enhance your natural defenses to prevent illness by giving your body the tools it needs to fight off seasonal illnesses. Also excellent for jet leg and wound healing pre and post procedure. Make the Immunity IV a part of your health routine and you’ll survive any season.



This modified “Myers’ Cocktail” * combines essential B vitamins, Magnesium, Vitamin C and a blend of minerals for the perfect energy boost when feeling run down, fatigued or under stress. Great for general health maintenance when you’re pressed for time (30 minutes).



Bring your hair, skin and nails back to life with this infusion of powerful antioxidants, Vitamin C and Glutathione work from the inside out to prevent and reverse signs of free radical damage and leave you looking hydrated, blemish-free and glowing.



The fully loaded hangover package. All the benefits of B Vitamins for energy, Glutathione for detoxification and therapeutic-grade oxygen for complete recovery.

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